Natural Methods for Treating Eyelid Eczema: Regain Bright, Eczema-Free Eyes

Whether yours is a discoloring rash spreading out towards your cheeks or small bumps that can make it difficult to even blink, Eyelid eczema can be a very exasperating condition. Your eyes are often the first thing people notice about you and you should not have to hide them behind dark glasses or be continuously rubbing at an unsightly rash.

More importantly, you should not have to feel the physical or emotional pain associated with eyelid eczema. The best way for you to overcome your condition is to understand what causes eczema and how you can safely treat it.

Common Allergens And Irritants

Eyelid eczema is most often the result of direct contact with an allergen. This means that the most effective way to treat your condition is to remove the allergen. The allergen is most often a makeup, face cream, or cleanser you use regularly. Nail varnish and touching your eyes with artificial nails on is often a trigger.

Problems with makeup and nail products can be especially present if your tried-and-true brand has recently changed its ingredients. There are other allergens that can cause this condition as well. A common form of eczema on eyelids is called rosacea and can be caused by alcohol, spicy foods, or sudden temperature changes.

If there is something that regularly irritates the eyelid, like smoke or rubbing, this can result in eczema. It might also be a contaminant you are around regularly in your job, such as latex if you are a nurse, cleaning products if you are a maid, or flowers if you are a florist. Removing the allergen will normally take care of eczema. Unfortunately, eliminating an allergen is usually not as easy as it sounds. If the allergen is job or environment-related, it can be almost impossible to avoid it.

However, you should not have to give up ordinary things you love, like spicy food or your favorite color of eye shadow, just because you have eczema eyes. When you do this, it lowers your quality of life dramatically. It can depress you and make you feel insecure which further slows the healing process. Instead of giving up on the things you love, it is better to find safe and effective treatments for your eczema.

Traditional Treatments

Other forms of eczema, such as on your arms or legs, respond very well to the traditional medical treatments out there. Steroid creams, ultraviolet (UV) light therapy, and other medical treatments can typically control the symptoms of these outbreaks. Unfortunately, these are not options for your eczema eyes.

Your face is a very sensitive area and your eyelids are some of the most delicate skin you have. Even the mildest steroids can cause secondary reactions in the eyelid area, sometimes leading to increased rosacea spreading to the cheeks. Also, steroids can harm your eyes which could happen accidentally. UV light can quickly burn your eyelid skin and is dangerous to your vision. You will have similar luck with other medical treatments. This is why it is important to look to natural methods to safely treat your case of eczema eyelids.

Finding Natural Methods

The problem with finding natural treatments that are actually safe is that there are endless sources of bad information out there. Considering how delicate your eczema eye and lid area is, bad advice can quickly turn into dangerous advice. However, that does not mean that all of the information out there will lead you astray. The trick is to find skincare experts you can trust, who have had the same experiences and used these treatments themselves with success.

The author of the eBook Eczema Free is the type of expert whose advice on safe and natural eczema treatments can be trusted. Eczema Free teaches you about many helpful techniques to soothe and treat your own condition, from skincare to food preparation. If you are suffering from eyelid eczema and your doctors have failed to help you, do not give up hope. There are still very effective and safe ways to treat your condition. You do not need to choose between your condition and your job, makeup, or favorite foods. Instead, try natural methods to treat your skin and look out at the world with bright, eczema-free eyes once more.

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