Little Known Natural Remedies For Eczema

An illness like eczema is best cured by natural remedies. Your skin, normally, has the ability to restore itself to health without the aid of artificial chemicals and medicines.

When you have eczema-prone skin, your skin is malfunctioning and not healing itself. Rather than turning to chemicals or prescriptions to treat the symptoms of that malfunction, natural remedies can help restore your skin’s normal function and stay healthy.

The best thing about this kind of remedy is that the earth is full of natural methods to make your eczema heal and even prevent eczema.

Every kind of eczema, from atopic dermatitis treatment options to eczema on your eyelids, can be best treated using plant extracts, gifts from the sea, and elements from the earth.

While some are very well known, like oatmeal or aloe Vera, some of the most effective ones you may have never heard of.

1. Neem Seed

The Neem tree is from India and has been used as a household remedy for centuries. It can treat all kinds of illnesses from malaria to skin infections.

Neem seed contains a high percentage of fatty acids which make them a great moisturizer for soothing skin and promoting their own barrier function against eczema triggers.

Neem also contains a high concentration of steroids, very similar to those prescribed by traditional medical doctors.

The difference is the steroids in neem are far less toxic than their artificial counterparts. They are even safe for eczema on facial skin which is more delicate.

2. Kukui Nut Oil

This interesting nut from Hawaii is the native’s secret to healthy, strong skin. It has a remarkable effect on swollen, red, and itchy eczema skin, almost instantly reducing pain and discomfort.

Furthermore, the oil is extremely concentrated. Using only a little can give your skin a thick, rich moisture barrier both healing the skin underneath and shielding it from foreign irritants and allergens.

As if those attributes were not good enough, kukui nut oil also contains saponins. Saponins are a natural cleansing agent that can keep your dirt and germ-free.

3. Quinoa

Health enthusiasts have often used quinoa as a replacement for wheat or oatmeal because it is packed full of nutrients. You can have the same benefits by switching to quinoa from oatmeal for your skin treatments.

Quinoa, from South America, has almost two times the saponins of oatmeal. Its lipid quantities, the fatty acids which moisturize skin, are almost three times as potent as oatmeal. It has twice the proteins, an essential nutrient for building new skin.

While some people may be allergic to oatmeal, quinoa has been proven to be mainly non-reactive. Just like oatmeal, quinoa is easy to use.

It can be found in most grocery stores and the pureed powder can be added to soaps, bathes, and lotions, and made into a mask.

These are only three of the fantastic eczema therapeutic options found in nature. There are literally hundreds of thousands of treatment alternatives.

Best of all, these remedies are typically easy to use, simple to locate, and very budget-friendly. Many times, a little research and the advice of an alternative health expert can help you find the right natural remedies for your body.

With so many natural ways to treat eczema available, you may wonder why so many people turn to chemicals and prescriptions for a solution.

The fact is that modern medicine has many people convinced they can solve their problems. In reality, modern medicine “solutions” often cause greater problems and do not really cure the problem they just treat the symptoms.

If you can finally break the stereotype and give natural eczema therapies a try, you will be amazed at what a difference they can make.

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